techCONNECT Joins Wild & Free for an Unforgettable Golf Day Supporting Wildlife Conservation

In a heartwarming collaboration, techCONNECT recently teamed up with Wild & Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for a memorable golf day at Kambaku. This unique event not only showcased techCONNECT’s commitment to community engagement but also highlighted the importance of supporting organizations like Wild & Free in their mission to rehabilitate and care for Southern African wildlife.

About Wild & Free:
Wild & Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, founded by Deidre Joubert, stands as a beacon of hope for injured, sick, or misplaced indigenous wildlife in Southern Africa. As a self-funded non-profit organization, Wild & Free relies on donations from the public and companies to carry out its crucial work. With a focus on education and rehabilitation, the center plays a vital role in the conservation of South African wildlife.

The Golf Day Experience:
On the 18th of November, techCONNECT’s team eagerly joined Wild & Free at the Kambaku golf course for a day filled with excitement and purpose. Positioned at hole 3, the team set up a welcoming space with a lapa offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

The Wildlife Encounter:
Attendees were treated to a unique experience with Lowveld Venom Supplies and Wild & Free’s residents, including Fluffie Python, known for its calm demeanor and love for interaction. The team also showcased the black mamba, snouted cobra, and puff adder, providing insights into the rehabilitation efforts needed for these incredible creatures. The Boomslang family, with their green hues, added a touch of fascination to the day.

Interactive Games and Entertainment:
To engage the golfers and make the day even more memorable, the team organized entertaining games such as Beer Pong and a mini high striker game. Golfers could enjoy a round of challenges, including hitting the bell and even opting for volunteers to do push-ups on their behalf. The event was not only a fundraiser but also a platform for fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for wildlife conservation.

Success Under the Sun:
Despite the scorching sun, the day was a resounding success. The lapa provided a cool retreat, and the nearby trees offered a refreshing breeze, creating an ideal setting for a day of fun and philanthropy.

The techCONNECT team’s participation in Wild & Free’s golf day at Kambaku exemplifies their dedication to supporting local initiatives and making a positive impact in the community. This collaboration not only raised awareness about wildlife conservation but also strengthened the bonds between techCONNECT and the community they serve. As we celebrate such meaningful partnerships, we look forward to more ventures that contribute to the well-being of our environment and its precious inhabitants.

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