Success Story: Transforming LIVES with techCONNECT

Based on a true story, the client’s name was changed

In the small town of Komatipoort, a 19-year-old lady named Angel has dreams of a brighter future and a more positive mental state. Still, limited access to the internet and flexible, affordable health resources posed a considerable challenge to her wish for a better life.

However, everything changed when techCONNECT stepped into her life, bringing high-speed internet to her doorstep, leading to access to some of the most excellent, affordable and convenient therapists internationally without worrying about disconnecting. (Not even the forces of load-shedding could touch this newfound peace)

From Limited Access to a World of Possibilities and Healing,
Angel had struggled with her emotional well-being, access to opportunities and help, and inadequate internet connectivity(that would solve all her problems), making receiving support and opportunities from the click of her phone a distant dream.

Many others face the same difficulties accessing educational and health resources, conducting research, and participating in virtual classes or consultations.

A Connection That Changed Everything
With the expansion of techCONNECT’s services to her area, Angel’s life journey took a remarkable turn:
1. Seamless Virtual: Angel could now attend online sessions at or Free online therapy with 7 Cups at without interruptions. Her therapist and loved ones were just a click away, allowing her to actively engage in discussions, grow and work on herself from the comfort of her home.
2. Access to Rich Health Resources: The internet became her virtual wellness centre, granting her access to a wide range of wellness websites, self-help e-books, support groups and self-improvement materials that enriched her understanding of her body, mind and soul.
3. Career Aspirations Unleashed: With newfound access to online health resources and information, Angel explored new interests and hobbies with her newfound zeal for life, broadening her horizons and igniting her aspirations.

A Brighter Future Ahead
Today, Angel is a highly aware being. Geographical constraints or limited resources no longer hinder her dreams of improving her emotional health, state and self. techCONNECT has empowered her to reach for the stars and love life.

Angel’s Message to You
“Thanks to techCONNECT, I’ve unlocked a world of peace and balance. My emotional being and life are no longer a nightmare but a journey filled with excitement and possibilities. I have even landed the job of my dreams.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Keep fighting, and let techCONNECT help you achieve your Happiness!”

Join techCONNECT in making stories like Angel’s possible.

Together, we’re bridging the digital divide and transforming lives through the power of high-speed internet.

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