Social media influencers I follow PART III – Ed Mylett

As I said in my last blog post, this is another part of the series where I share the social media influencers who inspire me. Remember what makes me follow them and listen to their wisdom on social media and podcasts. a. They’ve built their businesses from the ground up b. Their net worth is over $100 million c. They stand tall with integrity d. And yes, they care for their health and fitness, which I find inspiring! So, let’s dive right in and get to know the next influencer who’s made a mark on me.

Ed Mylett

Ed is one of my favourite social media influencers. The awe and respect other entrepreneurs show him is a testament to the man’s character. His phrase, “Winning is more fun than fun is fun”, has become the motto for many well-known podcasters and influencers across the web. If you have five minutes, watch this famous clip of him being teased and called “Eddy Spaghetti” and his dad’s life lessons of constantly fighting for what you want. The ending is classic. : Born as the eldest son of his parents in Diamond Bar, California, Mylett grew up in a challenging environment. His father, an alcoholic, instilled in him a unique ability to read and connect with people on a profound level. Despite the hardships, Mylett held a steadfast belief from a young age that he was meant to forge his path rather than toil in serving others’ dreams​. Mylett’s journey led him to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. During his college years, he distinguished himself as a top-tier baseball player, leading the NCAA in stolen bases and earning the title of a three-time All-American​. Mylett’s rise through the corporate ranks is inspiring, too numerous to mention in a blog post of this length. Suffice it to say that he distinguished himself as a master teacher and guru on leadership and personal development. Despite his numerous business pursuits, Mylett’s passion for sharing his insights and inspiring others led him to establish “The Ed Mylett Show” in 2016. The podcast, which quickly became a top-five program on iTunes and YouTube, features in-depth conversations with peak industry performers, aiming to motivate listeners to become the best version of themselves​. I hope he will do the same for you. As an author, Mylett has contributed to the world of personal development literature with his books “#MAXOUT Your Life” and “The Power of One More”. Ed Mylett’s ‘The Power of One More’ reminds us that we are closer to our dreams than we think. By doing just ‘one more’ thing each day, raising our standards bit by bit, and making the most of our time, we can break through our challenges, reach our goals, and discover the amazing things we’re capable of—a highly recommended read. The impact of Mylett’s work is reflected in his impressive net worth of over $400 million, as reported by Forbes in 2018​​, and the recognition he has received as the “fastest-growing business personality in the history of social media”​. Ed Mylett is not just a person but an idea, a movement, and an inspiration. He’s a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of hard work, and the belief that we all can create our own destiny. Life isn’t about waiting for things to happen. It’s about making them happen. And who better to teach us that than a man who turned his life into a testament of success, resilience, and unyielding spirit? So, let’s take inspiration from Ed Mylett. Let’s strive to do more, be more, and achieve more. And remember, as Ed says, “Winning is more fun than fun is fun”. Keep fighting, keep pushing, keep winning. Your dreams are waiting. Now, go get them!

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