Social media influencers I follow PART II – Alex Hormozi

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this is a continuation of the blogs discussing the social media influencers I follow. Once again, here are my criteria for spending the time and effort of following them on social media sites and listening to their podcasts. a. They need to have built their businesses from scratch b. Their net worth must exceed $100 million c. They must have integrity d. Something stupid, but they must be studs, i.e. look after their fitness and diet So without further adieu, here is the next influencer I’d like to discuss with you.

Alex Hormozi.

Alex Hormozi is one such individual who checks all the boxes. He is a leading figure in the business world whose journey has been inspiring. Starting from scratch, Hormozi is a self-made entrepreneur who has made his mark in the fitness industry with his company Gym Launch. Gym Launch is a business consultancy that aids gym owners in scaling their businesses, a niche market that Hormozi has skillfully navigated. He graduated cum-laude from college, in constant conflict with his father, a medical doctor. He mentions that he constantly sought his dad’s approval, landing a management consultant job, which he hated. He decided to drive halfway across the country to start a gym, fearing that his dad would talk him out of it if he didn’t move away. He built sales teams, bought five more gyms, lost all his money twice and met his wife, Leila, during these years. His story is inspiring and motivating, and I urge you to listen to his podcast called “The Game” if you are interested in building a business of your own. Hormozi’s success is not just a testament to his hard work but also his exceptional business acumen. As of my writing, Hormozi’s net worth is well over $100 million. This financial success reflects his ability to create value for his customers and clients. It is also a testament to his forward-thinking strategies and ability to anticipate market trends. However, success for Hormozi is about more than just the money. One of the most admirable qualities about him is his integrity. He has been very open about his journey, sharing his triumphs and failures. He often emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s values and making ethical decisions. He is a firm believer that success without integrity is a failure. This commitment to integrity has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and followers. Lastly, Alex Hormozi is a stud. This is not just about his looks but his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. As a former personal trainer, Hormozi understands the importance of fitness and health in achieving success. He regularly shares his workout routines and diet plans, inspiring his followers to take control of their health. His dedication to maintaining his physical fitness is just as impressive as his entrepreneurial efforts. He embodies the saying, “Your body is a temple,” and he has made it his mission to ensure that his followers understand the importance of this sentiment. In the vast sea of social media influencers, Alex Hormozi stands out for his success and approach to achieving it. He is a testament that success can be achieved with integrity, hard work, and a commitment to personal health and fitness. It is these qualities that make him one of my favourite business mavens. I encourage everyone to follow his journey and learn from his experiences. Remember, influencers like Alex Hormozi are more than just business people. They are role models who remind us of what can be achieved with determination, integrity, and a commitment to personal well-being.

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