Noemsie ‘Pieter Stef du Toit’ Mkhatshwa: The Dynamo of techCONNECT

In the bustling hive of techCONNECT, there’s a force that doesn’t just push the envelope—it sends it hurtling through the stratosphere. That force has a name, and it’s Noemsie Bongikile Mkhatshwa. Around these parts, we just call her ‘Pieter Stef du Toit’, because like the famed rugby player, her work ethic is nothing short of legendary.

Picture a day at techCONNECT: the buzz, the clatter of keys, the blue light of screens—and there’s Noemsie, in the eye of the storm, calm, collected, with a smile that could outshine the fluorescents overhead. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t just look for opportunities—she chases them down like a relentless hound after a wayward plastic bag in the wind.

Give her a day without the thrill of the chase, and you’ll see a restlessness set in, a simmering energy waiting to burst forth. She’s not made for the quiet life; she’s crafted from the same steel as the pioneers and the prodigies, her spirit too vast for the confines of idleness.

They say some people can sell ice to Eskimos, but Noemsie? She’d sell them the concept of summer. She’d paint them a picture so vivid, so tantalizing that they’d reach for their wallets before remembering they’re surrounded by ice. It’s not just her words—it’s the irrepressible joy she infuses into every pitch, every handshake, every deal closed.

Her bubbly personality isn’t just a façade; it’s the genuine article, as real as the ground beneath our feet. She walks through the office, and it’s like someone turned up the dial on life itself. Her laughter peppers the air, infectious, a melody that sings of success and satisfaction.

To say Noemsie is brilliant at what she does would be an understatement. She’s a maestro conducting an orchestra of opportunity, each sale a symphony, each client a crescendo. In the grand performance of business, she’s the standout soloist, the virtuoso that leaves the audience—clients and colleagues alike—thunderstruck.

So here’s to Noemsie ‘Pieter Stef du Toit’ Mkhatshwa, the living embodiment of techCONNECT’s drive, the heart of our sales force. With her at the vanguard, every target is achievable, every goal is just a warm-up. She’s not just part of the team; she’s the standard to which we all aspire.

If techCONNECT had a throttle, Noemsie Mkhatshwa would be the one flooring it. Noemsie, she’s a force of nature in a power suit, selling our mission as if it’s etched into her DNA. From the start, she’s been our front-liner, the pioneer who turned ‘no’ into ‘not yet’ and ‘later’ into ‘now.’

Remember the early days of Nkomazi? Noemsie does. She canvassed the streets with the tenacity of a storm, each knock on a door not just a sales pitch, but a clarion call to the future. She was—and is—a mover of mountains, a shaker of complacency, the one who wouldn’t, couldn’t stand still.

Today, to witness Noemsie in a moment of stillness is to watch a rare phenomenon. She’s a testament to kinetic energy, a perpetual motion machine in human form. ‘Rest’ is not in her vocabulary; ‘idle’ is a concept she’s foreign to. She’s built her life on movement, and every second spent not propelling forward is a second spent in reverse.

Her odyssey from Orlando’s humble streets to the driver’s seat at techCONNECT is a high-octane narrative of ambition and drive. She’s not just selling internet packages; she’s wiring dreams, connecting aspirations, and turbocharging our collective engine with an unyielding zeal for success.

Noemsie is no ordinary executive consultant; she’s a high-performance engine in a world that still pedals. She’s the relentless rhythm of a drum that beats to the tune of innovation and connection. To us, she’s more than just a colleague; she’s the very pulse of techCONNECT.

Here’s to Noemsie, the human dynamo, the professional powerhouse, the sister, the caretaker, the dream-maker. With her at the helm, techCONNECT isn’t just running the race; we’re setting the pace.

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Andrea Belloti
Andrea Belloti

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