Meet the Best Stallion on the market: Mat, Matter, Mattest


We are introducing Mathew with a single “T”, the tech whiz and guardian of all things wireless at techCONNECT! Picture a stallion in the world of routers and towers, and you’ve got our man Mathew.


Mathew might be the strong, silent type, but don’t let that fool you. Trying to make him crack a smile is like attempting to teach a cat to do tricks – challenging, the closest to a smile we ever get out of Mat when poking jokes is an upturned side of his mouth. “I’m smiling in my heart” is the standard answer but oh, so rewarding! He insists he’s smiling from the inside like he’s got a secret stash of jokes in there.


Have you ever seen Grumpy from Snow White? Well, Mathew’s like Grumpy with a tech twist – a warm heart behind the serious exterior, and laughter that’s as rare as finding a unicorn in a coffee shop.


But here’s the real magic: When the towers decide to take a nap, Mathew turns into our very own superhero, cape, and all. Whether it’s high noon or the middle of the night, he’s there, ready to rescue our towers from their beauty sleep. Like Clint Eastwood riding his horse into a dusty sunset, Mat would have thrived in the Wild West where the only convenience is a fire and a toothbrush. He is a man of the veld and bush, meticulous in his planning.


So, here’s to Mathew, A rare combination of relentless hard work and a laid-back vibe whether he is tackling tight deadlines or chilling post-work, Mat effortlessly navigates between intensity and calmness.  the tech stallion with a heart of gold and a smile that’s like a rare Pokémon – you’ve got to work for it, but when you catch it, it’s pure magic! And when needed, Mat is the go-to person for sage advice, making him the ultimate balance of work and wisdom.


Another interesting fact: Mat is also the best in terms of his  4×4 driving skills  which are the best in the province, often leading experienced trail riders up Mauricedale, one of the most technically advanced tracks in Mpumalanga


One had to say: “I know today Matt has been instrumental in my earliest days in this stream and organization. Always have nothing to smile about,  Always thinking about death, a perfectionist, compassionate, always patient and never wanna cheat the system.” And so this is Mat definitely not perfect but lights a fire in all of us

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Andrea Belloti
Andrea Belloti

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