Low Latency, Bufferbloat, AQM and L4S

As a wireless service provider, we recognize how crucial it is to give our clients access to quick, dependable internet. Because of this, we use cutting-edge technology to guarantee that our clients receive the best service possible.

We recently introduced Preseem, a brand-new solution created to solve the technical problem of bufferbloat. Customers who depend on our service for work or leisure may find bufferbloat to be frustrating because it might result in poor internet speeds and high latency.

Preseem manages the queue of packets waiting to be transmitted using Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques, preventing buffer bloat and cutting down on delay. This translates into quicker, more dependable internet speeds for our consumers and an improved overall experience.

We didn’t, however, end there. Along with AQM, another technology we employ is L4S (Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput), which further lowers latency and boosts internet speeds. We can give our consumers an even better experience than our rivals that install fibre by combining AQM with L4S.

We are aware that fibre is sometimes regarded as the ideal kind of internet connectivity. However, in terms of performance, dependability, and speed, our technology is on par with or better than it. You can have quick, dependable internet with Preseem and our wireless service without having to deal with the trouble of laying fibre.

We suggest reading this informative article if you’re interested in learning more about Preseem and AQM technology.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or worries. Our technology will meet and surpass your expectations, and we’re committed to giving our customers the best service possible.

We appreciate you selecting us as your wireless internet provider.

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