Interview with techCONNECT: Harnessing the Power of Preseem for Optimal Network Performance

Arno Joubert, our Technical Director, was recently interviewed by Neil McDonald from Aterlo Networks regarding a product called Preseem that techCONNECT had implemented in their Network Stack. Neil: Tell us a bit more about techCONNECT Arno: We started operating in June 2017 in the quaint border town of Komatipoort. Primarily serving rural areas within a 5km to 20km radius, TechConnect has developed an extensive client base. Originating with just 40 clients, we now cater to over 600, covering a 2200 square kilometre area with about 212,000 residents. TechConnect, in collaboration with our sister company TechShop, also offers IT and network support to our clients.
Neil: How did you find Preseem? Arno: Approximately a year into our journey, we discovered Preseem through a YouTube video. Recognizing the potential benefits, we quickly integrated Preseem into our operational structure.
Neil: Which challenges Were Addressed by Preseem? Arno:Before implementing Preseem, our network faced saturation due to torrent downloads and Windows updates. While we could manage corporate clients using WSUS and firewalls, home users often experienced buffering videos and dropped Whatsapp calls. We explored various solutions, such as Netequalizer, Bandwidth Arbitrator, and caching/proxy solutions, but nothing seemed to fit just right. Preseem became the answer to our challenges. It simplified the implementation of an FQ-CODEL/AQM solution and reduced overhead on our core routers. It expedited network issue troubleshooting and provided an integrated “pane of glass” with Splynx, allowing both technical and administrative staff to initiate troubleshooting. Moreover, Preseem’s historical graphs provided factual data on the usage and utilisation of client links.
Neil: What were the measurable Benefits of Preseem? Arno: The advantages of Preseem have been quantifiable:
  • The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) increased from R440 to R730, driven by upselling larger packages based on historical reporting data.
  • Sector utilisation increased to 80% due to AP shaping, enabling us to target underutilised sectors.
  • Client churn reduced from 12% to 4% since Preseem’s implementation.
  • The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) witnessed a 30% year-on-year increase due to targeted marketing.
  • Lastly, more effective troubleshooting led to a 28% decrease in truck rolls.

Neil: What has been your experience with the Preseem Team? Positive? Negative? Arno:Working with the Preseem team has been nothing short of exceptional, a true 10/10 experience. The constant availability and proactive support have helped us streamline our operations and identify critical bottlenecks. Since upgrading our software, our network has been running even smoother.
Neil: Would you recommend Preseem to other ISPs? Arno:Preseem has our 100% recommendation. Its value far exceeds the cost, not just as a poller/monitoring software but as a Quality Of Experience (QOE) powerhouse. Preseem allows for proactive monitoring of the client’s internet experience, which is simply invaluable. Our team can now immediately identify issues and act upon them, resulting in smoother network operations.
Neil: Any Final Words? Arno: Preseem offers immense value, making it a smart choice for other WISPs. The seamless support and advanced bandwidth optimisation features are unrivalled. In fact, considering the benefits, it would be a missed opportunity for other WISPs not to integrate Preseem into their networks.

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