Choosing the Right ISP: The Importance of Transparency in Uptime

In the digital age, choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) is more critical than ever, especially for those who rely heavily on the internet for work and entertainment. One often overlooked factor during the selection process is the transparency of the ISP regarding their uptime statistics. Today’s episode of “Early Internet 101” sheds light on why this should be a priority when you’re on the hunt for a dependable ISP.

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Why Uptime Matters

Uptime, the measure of system reliability expressed as the percentage of time an ISP’s service is fully operational, is crucial. It affects everything from the seamless streaming of videos to the reliability of cloud services and more. A higher uptime percentage means more stability and less frustration, making it a vital statistic for anyone who needs consistent internet access.

The Value of Transparency

During the video, the host emphasized the importance of transparency about uptime from ISPs. He pointed out that many consumers often overlook this detail when signing service agreements. He challenged viewers to ask themselves: “Can your internet service provider show you proof of how many times they go down in a week? Are they transparent about it?”

The discussion highlighted that not all ISPs are willing to disclose these figures readily. The host shared that his provider is an exception, allowing customers to access downtime statistics directly on their website—no phone calls or begging for information required.

What You Should Do

For those who are in the process of choosing an ISP—or even for those already committed but considering a switch—the advice is clear: verify the uptime statistics. Ensure you understand the level of reliability your ISP offers and how they handle downtimes.

The video concluded with a specific endorsement for Techonix, noting that they boast a 98% uptime. This high rate of reliability is exemplary, showing that they understand the importance of keeping their services operational and their customers satisfied.


Before you sign on any dotted line, make sure you are fully aware of what you’re committing to, especially regarding how often you can expect your internet to be up and running. In an era where our lives are increasingly online, settling for less than reliable internet service is a compromise you shouldn’t have to make.

For those interested in Techonix and their commendable uptime statistics, further information can be found by visiting the links provided in the video. Remember, investing time in researching your ISP can save you a lot of time and trouble later. Make sure your internet is as reliable as you need it to be—choose transparency, choose dependability, choose wisely.

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