Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams: How TechCONNECT’s Whalebone Security Can Help

Hi, Thandi here! Today, I want to talk about phishing—a common cyber threat that many people fall victim to. Phishing involves receiving fake messages that appear to be from trusted sources, but their true purpose is to steal your personal information. These messages might ask for your credit card numbers or passwords, putting your security […]

Integrating Work, Study, and Life: A Path to Success

“Achieve seamless integration of work, study, and life with TechCONNECT’s reliable internet services, supporting your productivity and well-being.”

In today’s digital age, the lines between work, study, and personal life often blur. For professionals pursuing further education or personal growth, integrating these aspects can lead to greater efficiency and satisfaction. At TechCONNECT, we provide the tools and support to help you seamlessly integrate your professional, academic, and personal endeavors. 1. Leverage Integrated Productivity […]

How to Add TechCONNECT as a Recipient on Your FNB App

At TechCONNECT, we strive to make your internet experience as seamless as possible. Part of this involves ensuring that paying your bills is straightforward and hassle-free. To help you with this, here’s a simple guide on how to add TechCONNECT as a recipient on your FNB app. CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED VIDEO: Step-by-Step Guide: […]

Introducing techCONNECT’s Lay-Buy Program: Making Internet Access Affordable for Everyone

At techCONNECT, we believe that everyone deserves access to fast, reliable, and affordable internet. However, we understand that the initial installation fee can be a significant barrier for some. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Lay-Buy Program, designed to make our top-notch internet services more accessible to all members of our community  What […]

Unlocking Online Safety: Understanding Whalebone Security with Tech Connect

Hey everyone, it’s Thandi from TechCONNECT, back with another edition of Today, let’s dive into Whalebone Security – an essential component of our commitment to your online safety. watch the video here: Ever received a call from your ISP warning about viruses on your Wi-Fi network? It can raise concerns about privacy. At TechCONNECT, […]

Title: The Power of Reviews:Transparency, Improvement, and Customer Satisfaction

Unveiling the Truth: and ISP Reviews In the bustling world of consumerism, online reviews wield unparalleled influence over purchasing decisions and business reputations. Whether you’re in search of a cozy café or a reliable internet service provider, customer feedback serves as a beacon guiding us towards the best possible choices. However, what happens when […]

Empowering Nkomazi: Join Us in Transforming Lives

In the heart of Nkomazi lies a cluster of vibrant communities: Marloth Park, Komatipoort, Naas, Tonga, Mangweni, Hoyi, and Masibekela. Amidst the beauty of our surroundings, many of our neighbors face challenges in accessing opportunities and resources that could uplift their lives. But together, with techCONNECT’s reliable internet services, we can change this narrative and […]

Bridging the Digital Divide: Empowering Urban Villages with Internet Connectivity

In today’s digital age, access to the internet is not just a convenience but a necessity for participation in the global economy and society. However, while urban centers often enjoy reliable connectivity, many urban villages, such as Mangweni, Masibekela, Tonga, Hoyi, and Naas, are left behind, lacking access to this essential resource. At techCONNECT, we […]

Embracing the Noemsie Spirit: TechConnect’s Commitment to Caring and Protection

In the heart of Nkomazi lies a community enriched by the warmth and dedication of Noemsie, our senior customer consultant at TechConnect. Much like a caring mother, Noemsie ensures that every individual within our digital family feels nurtured, supported, and valued. As we strive to embody her spirit, we extend our commitment to providing reliable […]

Empowering Youth: Thandi’s TechConnect Journey

An image of a happy client

In the bustling corridors of TechConnect, Thandi, a young teenager, found more than just a job; she found a passion and a path to self-discovery. Initially hesitant, Thandi was encouraged by the supportive environment at TechConnect to venture into content creation. With guidance from her mentors, Thandi began creating videos to promote the company, showcasing […]

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