Internet Speed

Maximizing Your Internet Experience: Understanding Speed Test Limitations Are you tired of unreliable internet speeds that leave you frustrated and stranded in a digital maze? Understanding the limitations of speed tests is crucial in maximizing your internet experience. While speed tests are handy tools, various factors like server location, network congestion, Wi-Fi interference, ISP throttling, […]

Choosing the Right ISP: The Importance of Transparency in Uptime

In the digital age, choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) is more critical than ever, especially for those who rely heavily on the internet for work and entertainment. One often overlooked factor during the selection process is the transparency of the ISP regarding their uptime statistics. Today’s episode of “Early Internet 101” sheds light […]

Noemsie ‘Pieter Stef du Toit’ Mkhatshwa: The Dynamo of techCONNECT

In the bustling hive of techCONNECT, there’s a force that doesn’t just push the envelope—it sends it hurtling through the stratosphere. That force has a name, and it’s Noemsie Bongikile Mkhatshwa. Around these parts, we just call her ‘Pieter Stef du Toit’, because like the famed rugby player, her work ethic is nothing short of […]

techCONNECT Empowering Communities: Connecting the World One Click at a Time

In this digital age, access to the Internet has become a basic necessity, as essential as water and electricity. It is the gateway to information, education, and limitless opportunities. Yet, even in today’s connected world, countless communities are still deprived of this fundamental resource. Our company aims to bridge this digital divide, enabling communities to […]

From a Fencepole to a Fleet: The Inspiring Journey of techCONNECT

In the quiet expanse of Nkomazi, stands a silent observer that we affectionately refer to as “Pole”. Though seemingly insignificant, this ordinary fencepole – which once served as the foundation of our first makeshift tower – holds a significant place in the history of techCONNECT. It’s a poignant reminder of our humble beginnings and an […]

An Ode to Pole

Our very first tower was a fencepole. We connected another pole to make a taller tower. Today, finally, we have moved all equipment off the pole. We call him “Pole” In the heart of the great techCONNECT domain,Stood a humble servant known only as “Pole”,Its existence elemental, yet not in vain,Wireless bonds it bestowed, that […]

Leveraging Next-Gen Wireless Technology for Rural Connectivity: A techCONNECT Perspective

Introduction The digital divide remains a substantial challenge globally, particularly in rural and remote areas. Many communities lack the infrastructural support needed to enjoy the benefits of fast, reliable, and affordable internet access, a fact that has become increasingly problematic in our digitally-driven age. At techCONNECT, we are committed to changing this narrative through innovative […]

Wi-Fi 6: The Future of Internet Connectivity is Here, and It’s Faster Than Fiber

In the world of internet connectivity, a new player in town is set to revolutionise how we access the web. It’s called Wi-Fi 6, and it’s not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer. For Fixed Wireless Access providers like techCONNECT, this new technology opens up a world of possibilities, promising speeds that can rival and […]

Interview with techCONNECT: Harnessing the Power of Preseem for Optimal Network Performance

Arno Joubert, our Technical Director, was recently interviewed by Neil McDonald from Aterlo Networks regarding a product called Preseem that techCONNECT had implemented in their Network Stack. Neil: Tell us a bit more about techCONNECT Arno: We started operating in June 2017 in the quaint border town of Komatipoort. Primarily serving rural areas within a […]

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