Why is my PC slow?

Arno Joubert – Another question that we get asked a lot and yet another subject that novels could be written about. Something that we see quite often which could cause a slow or hanging PC is having multiple anti-virus programs installed. We often find that clients have AVG or Avast and McAfee running at the same […]

Online Gaming: A Social Evil or a new bonding experience?

In the next couple of articles, we’ll be looking at how the internet affects our daily lives and what impact (positive or negative) it has on us. This is a complex subject with many caveats, but today I’m going to hone in on online games, the good, the bad and what to look out for. […]

Power Failures and Other Stories

The year is almost halfway done, school holidays are around the corner and techCONNECT has been busy busy busy! We are continually tweaking our network and massive amounts of work is constantly happening behind the scenes to make sure our infrastructure remains the best in the Onderberg. The purpose of this mail is to bring […]

Year-End Greetings from techCONNECT 2022

And that was the year! We have a few days left of what was a roller coaster ride of a year, and what a trip it’s been! From the previous uncertainty of Covid lockdowns to the war in Ukraine that seemingly increased the price of everything to everyday consumers, the word “normal” has changed meaning […]

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