An Ode to Pole

Our very first tower was a fencepole. We connected another pole to make a taller tower. Today, finally, we have moved all equipment off the pole. We call him “Pole”

In the heart of the great techCONNECT domain,
Stood a humble servant known only as “Pole”,
Its existence elemental, yet not in vain,
Wireless bonds it bestowed, that was its role.

From a mere fencepost, it arose,
A tower tall, its stature composed,
Linked with another, reaching towards the sky,
Bearing the beacon of connection, standing high.

Weathered by sun, rain, and winter’s frost,
Never did it falter, nor its purpose lost,
In its silence, it told a tale of might,
Serving tirelessly through the day and night.

Unseen, unnoticed, yet in service true,
Connecting corners, bridging the new,
Invisible threads through the air it spun,
Uniting all under the same digital sun.

Oh humble Pole, we honour your name,
No more your service will be in vain,
A tribute we give, for your silent toil,
Standing sentinel over our technological soil.

We’ve moved your load, your duties relieved,
But your legacy, in our hearts, is weaved,
From your heights, the world did unfurl,
Farewell, dear Pole, our link to the digital world.

So here’s to the Pole, our tall, silent knight,
To its service, its commitment, its unwavering might,
Though you stand no more, you’re not truly gone,
In the wireless whispers, your spirit lives on.

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